Eight Types of Medicine For Your Bird

Eight Types of Medicine For Your Bird

When you are a bird owner, you find yourself shopping for a variety of products. This includes medicine for when your bird is not feeling well. It is important to know which products are on the market and where you can buy them. You want to make sure you are buying the right medication for your bird. Luckily, Vet Products Direct sell bird medicines to ensure your winged-friend is always happy and healthy.

Do you need to purchase bird medication to cure an ailment or illness? Here are eight types of treatments you can order for your bird. Use this information to determine what you need for your specific bird and how you need to administer the treatment.

Eight Types of Medicine For Your Bird

Aviclens Vetafarm

Fungi, algae and yeast can cause your bird to become sick, especially if the bacteria is in their drinking water. Use this cleanser to reduce the bacteria in their drinking water and provide a healthier lifestyle for your bird. The cleanser also controls the bacteria found in their aviaries.

Avimec Scaly Face Mite

If your bird is suffering from mites, you can control this ailment by investing in this drop-on liquid treatment. It can be used with their regular food additives, supplements and oral medications. This treatment is recommended for budgerigars.

Baycox Solution Poultry

This medication can be used to treat and control coccidiosis in chickens. It is always important to read through the directions on any medication, but you may need to administer about 30 milliliters for every 10 liters of drinking water for at least two days.

Scaly Face and Leg Treatment

Use this medication to relieve symptoms caused by Cnemidocoptes pilae. You are going to use a small brush or cotton bud to apply the medication to the affected area once a day for three to four days. Reapply the medication in one or two weeks to prevent another infestation. It is recommended for canaries, parrots, finches and budgerigars.

Vetafarm Coccive

You can use this medication to treat and control coccidiosis on aviary and caged birds or pigeons. The directions require you to administer 15 milliliters for every 10 liters of drinking water for five to seven days.

Vetafarm Triple C Antibiotics

Triple C can be used to treat an ailment or disease that is present but not diagnosed, such as psittacosis, enteritis and mycoplasma. You can add it to their food or water, but you should not mix the treatment with any other products. Mixing it with calcium supplements may cause the Triple C to not work properly. Once their Triple C treatment is complete, you want to administer a Vetafarm Probotic to restore their gut flora.

Vetafarm Probotic

The Vetafarm Probotic should be used at stress level for five days before using it at the maintenance dose level. You can double the maintenance dose level in stressful situations for as long as needed. Once you mix it with their food, water, milk or milk replacer, it must be consumed within 24 hours. If you are administering the Vetafarm Triple C Antibiotics, you want to administer this medication once they are finished with the Triple C product.

Oxymav B

If your caged bird is suffering from a respiratory and general bacterial infection, you can treat the infection with this antibiotic powder. You are going to use this antibiotic as a source of drinking water by mixing 5 grams of the powder with 50 milliliters of water. A new batch should be made daily, and you are going to administer it for three to five days or as directed by a veterinarian. This solution can be used to feed two parrots or cockatoos or 10 budgerigars, canaries or finches.