Dog harness: Which one is the best?

Dog harness

Dog harnesses: better than a leash!

The dog harness is a first choice solution. Compared to a classic leash with a collar, it has advantages for the owner and for the dog. The owner has less difficulty in holding back the harsh movements of the dog held by the harness. The harness holds him firmly, but without pain. It is therefore a canine accessory that any owner should have. If you are searching for a good dog harness, following are few famous dog harness choices for you.

Petsafe EasySport harness

Once again, the Petsafe brand is a benchmark in this line of dog products. The EasySport harness offers two adjustment points with firm fasteners. The leash is fixed above and a top handle is present. The harness can be used for large dogs, such as puppies or small breeds. There are different sizes, from large to very small. Several colors are available: purple, blue, black, green and red.

Ultimate Dog Harness

Ultimate Dog Harness is a recognized brand in the harness sector. It is one of the best brands. Two loops on the sides allow easy attachment. It has a front attachment no pull design, but also supports a back leash attachment too. There are two places to tie the leash, one on the back of the dog and the other on the chest. It has useful handle on the back, for that extra bit of control you may require in certain situations. It is made from a reflective high quality material that’s visible at night. It has multiple colors and sizes. Matching leash collar options.

Trixies Julius K9 Dog Harness

The Trixies Julius K9 Harness is easy to see on the outside with an original design. If the harness itself is similar to other models, the big label “Julius-K9” stands out. The interior of the product is soft and breathable to limit odors related to perspiration. Adjustment and tightening are via straps at the chest and belly of the dog. The clip above is used to attach the leash. The set is more imposing than the norm for better hold. The Julius K9 Trixies offers many variations in the sizes and colors available.

Black dog harness 

This harness is available in four different sizes: S, M, L and XL. Its peculiarity is not to pass around the neck of the dog so that the dog can never strangle in pulling. It has a double thickness to be hot enough when the weather is cold. He can wash to go to the machine.

In order to maintain your dog, there is a handle on the top of the harness. This handle is large, allowing you to pass all the fingers of the owner and to have the strength to hold your dog.

Like the Julius K9 harness, this dog harness is customizable. You can stick a small label with the name of the dog or any other information.

OneTigris Dog Vest

This military dog ​​harness is not for everyone. It is an ultra-complete material. In tan or black, this harness, which is rather a tactical dog vest, is available in size M, L and XL and offers a real camouflage. The military harness attaches via two fixed and solid straps. The back of the dog is covered with velvet material to keep it comfortable and breathable regardless of weather conditions. In addition to the vest itself, OneTigris provides a zipped bag and a first aid kit.