How to Feed Water Turtles – A Guide

How to Feed Water Turtles

The water turtles are great pets, but as with other animals, they also need special attention to stay healthy always. And key aspect that usually worries the owners is their food, and it’s not so evident always what type of food is suitable for them. Therefore, we clarify your doubts in this regard and give details what to feed water turtles to ensure their health.

How to Feed Water Turtles?

Steps to follow:

  1. The commercial foods sold in pet stores are great for the turtles because they are often nutritionally correct and offer everything they should have to keep healthy.

However, it is likely that your turtle decides not to eat, something very frequent if the animal was recently caught or if it was not previously accustomed to these commercial foods. Do not overlook that in such natural state they are herbivorous or omnivorous, according to the species. In these cases we should opt for other solutions.

  1. If your turtle does not want to eat commercial foods, or you like to mix these foods with other home-made foods that make you feel in your natural environment, you can pick from several of the alternatives we give below.

The first, and simpler, are the vegetables; it is good to keep in mind that water turtles greatly appreciate this kind of food. Plants of the lettuce family, carrot, cucumber or cabbage can turn out to be a delightful companion for our turtle, which you will certainly be grateful for.

If you find that your pet only eats vegetables and despises commercial food, it’s significant that you keep trying to offer the one food at least one time every week, as after a while many of foods usually, your pet will start eating.

How to Feed Water Turtles

  1. To give protein to your pet, fish is a good alternative to achieve as you can provide your aquatic turtle a little bit of the same as buying for your house, always taking into account that it is not too salty and that it is raw.

Before giving the fish to the turtle it is convenient to wash it very well to try to remove the fat you may have. However, it’s good to be familiar with that raw fish often foul the water, which is why it will be essential to change it one the animal eats. Avoid giving you blue fish (tuna, salmon, sardines) because they have more fat and will foul the water more.

  1. Crickets are also a great alternative to feed water turtles. Full of vitamins and nutrients, they can easily be found in reptile-pet shops, and aquatic turtles usually like it. The amounts will depend on the specie you have, so in these cases it is most excellent to consult a specialist.